About Aura In Yourself

About Aura In Yourself
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About Aura In Yourself

About Aura In Yourself – On this page we will provide information about Aura for the GENERAL public. So, you don’t have to worry about what aura is in you? Before we discuss it, we should know about aura ? Aura is an electromagnetic energy field that exists in every living human being. There are also those who think that Aura is a light beam from your face or a beam of light that comes out of your body. This aura is very influential on your daily life. Aura can indirectly be felt when you wake up in the morning, where your whole body is like being enveloped in an air. The color of the aura is also different and has a meaning in each color, we will explain the various types of aura.

Below is an explanation of the color of the aura in humans ;

  1. RED
    If a person emits a red aura, it means that he is filled with the nature of power and ego to achieve success. This red color is often held back in childhood, where from his family environment he is forced to adjust to family ideals, so that it looks cloudy and messy. After growing up and being able to living independently, his aura will expand and he will be able to do what he is supposed to do.
    Someone whose aura emits orange, then he has a caring nature. Has the natural nature of intuitive ability, wise and easy to get along with. The color orange has properties as a peacemaker, considerate, practical. The negative nature of the color orange is, lazy, incapable and does not care.
    Someone whose aura is yellow, has an enthusiastic and fun nature. Think quickly and entertain others. Nice to hang out, enjoy long conversations. Loves to learn but it’s only trial and error so that his knowledge is limited to his skin. Yellow also likes ideas and expressions. The negative nature of the color yellow is shy and likes to lie.
  4. GREEN
    If a person emits green aura, then he has a cool and peaceful nature and he is also gifted to be a natural healer. His demeanor is cooperative, trustworthy, and generous. Green nature likes challenges, works tirelessly, is easy to ask for help. The negative nature is rigid in looking at every problem.
  5. BLUE
    Someone whose aura is blue, that person is naturally positive and enthusiastic. The color blue is usually young at heart, sincere, honest and if it acts according to its thoughts. Have freedom, do not like to be restricted or prohibited. Loves traveling, seeing new places and meeting new people, can hide feelings and can keep secrets. The negative trait is difficulty completing tasks.
    It is warm, healing and nurturing. Happy to solve problems, happy to help. The negative nature of the inability to say “no” so that it is often taken advantage of by others.
    A person whose aura is purple, then he likes spiritual and metaphysical activities. The negative trait is feeling superior to others.
    Has great ideas, but some of them are impractical. Often lacks motivation.
  9. GOLD
    Have the ability to handle projects and have responsibilities on a large scale. Has a charismatic nature, hardworking, patient. Achieve success in old age.
  10. PINK
    Has a firm nature, stubborn, high ideals and has a plan. By their nature they are simple people, not ostentatious, happy to live life in peace.
  11. WHITE
    His nature is low-key, simple, very human like saints. Has no ego, more interested in the welfare of others. Intuitive, wise, idealistic and peace-loving.
  12. BLACK
    If someone emits black aura, it can be interpreted that the person is shrouded in mystery, because this person is sometimes open and sometimes closed. The color black can be interpreted as having bad qualities, and being malicious means having bad intentions towards other people he meets. If black is combined with red, that person has bad and evil qualities.

Simple Steps To Read Your Own Aura ;

  1. Look for white walls.
  2. Warm your palms, and focus yourself as relaxed as possible by exhaling slowly until you feel your breath regular, do your breathing rhythm according to a regular rhythm for 10-15 seconds.
  3. Without losing the rhythm of your breathing, put your palms against the wall.
  4. Do regular breathing, and imagine the flow of energy from within your body to the palms of your hands.
  5. You will see 2 types of colors on the walls of your palms, namely the color that describes your current Aura or you only see white shadows (aura that is not fully formed).

Good luck and find out what aura you have now…